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Create or Delete Collections
Create or Delete Collections
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Collections are a way of monitoring a specific subset of Projects and seeing their statistics and financials in one place. For example, you could create a collection to keep a particular team's Projects together, or to monitor a set of Projects initiated in the same quarter.

Note: Projects can appear in an unlimited number of Collections.

Create a Collection

To create a new Collection, click on the white + button right next to Collections. Next, enter the Collection name and description (optional). Click Next to add projects to your Collection. Selecting Finish will create your new Collection, which you can find in the three line menu on the left.

Edit or Delete Collections

Click on the settings icon next to your Collection name to access your Collection projects and settings.

  • Add Existing Projects from Collection: type a project name in the search box and click the result to add it.

  • Delete Projects from Collection: click the X on the right side of a project in the Collection project list.

  • Update and Delete Collection: in the settings tab, edit the name or description of your Collection. At the bottom of the screen, you can delete the entire Collection.

NOTE: Deleting a Collection cannot be undone.

Find out more about Project Financials here.

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