Organization Permissions

Manage your team's access to your organization

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GLIDR is a permission-based platform and there are two levels of permissions: organization-level, and project level.

Users can be added to an organization as an Owner, Admin, or Member.

Owners can:

  • Edit the organization settings

  • Invite and disable users

  • Upgrade and downgrade users' permissions

  • View the Access Logs for activity in the organization (Business and Enterprise tiers only)

  • Create and delete projects

  • View all aspects of projects without needing to be added to the project

  • Modify all elements of projects

  • View and manage billing

Admins can:

  • Do everything an Owner can, except view and manage billing

Members can:

  • Fully participate in projects they've been specifically added to

Users can be Disabled to remove their access, but preserve any work they've contributed.

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