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Home Overview
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Home is your landing page for all projects, collections, and inbox updates.

The first tab, Projects, will display all the accessible projects in your organization in list or card view. Admins and Owners can create new projects here as well. Click into a project to go back to where you last left off!

The Collections tab is where you can view your grouped projects by collection, create a new collection, add projects to a collection, and manage your collections.

The Inbox tab is where you can see all project updates such as Posts, Ideas, Evidence, Discovery tasks, as well as @Mentions and Drafts.

1. Inbox: view all of your current and previous project updates and @Mentions
2. Unread: only view your unread project updates and @Mentions
3. Project updates: only view updates to your projects
4. @Mentions: only view comments where you were @Mentioned
5. Favorites: view updates to projects you've favorited
6. Drafts: only view posts, ideas or evidence that you haven't published yet

You can also view updates and drafts via the Notifications Icon.

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