The Inbox is where you can see all project updates such as Posts, Ideas, Evidence, Discovery tasks, as well as @Mentions and Drafts.

To access your Inbox, click the three-line icon to open the left-side navigation. Select Inbox.

Inbox Overview

1. Inbox: view all of your current and previous project updates and @Mentions
2. Unread:
only view your unread project updates and @Mentions
3. Project updates:
only view updates to your projects
4. @Mentions:
only view comments where you were @Mentioned
5. Favorites:
view updates to projects you've favorited
6. Drafts:
only view posts, ideas or evidence that you haven't published yet
7. Project Name: if you're running multiple projects, all of your notifications will appear here listed by name
8. Team Member: indicates which team member updated the Project listed
9. Favorite Icon: quickly favorite any Evidence you'd like to come back to later

You can also view updates and drafts via the Notifications Icon.

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