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This is the most basic of entry types. It is essentially a way to post updates to your team or share resources. You can also add a file as a Post without having to add text content.

To add a Post, click on the red + button from anywhere in GLIDR, and select Post.

1. Favorite: favorite this Post, to find later by filtering by Favorites in the Activity feed

2. Three Dots Icon: delete your Post, or convert it to Evidence • Other

3. Help Sidebar: open the Help Sidebar for tips and guidance on using Posts

4. What's on your mind?: enter the text portion of your Post

5. Formatting: format your Post with bold, italics, underlining, headings, quotes, code, bullets and numbering

6. Images: drag and drop an image to anywhere in the text box

7. Hashtags: add a hashtag to find this later in the Activity feed

8. Attachments: attach relevant files including recordings, photos or documents

9. Comments Sidebar: you'll see any Comments appear here

10. Add a Comment: here you can comment on the post and @mention your teammates

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