The Business Canvas is a place to capture and develop those Ideas that relate directly to the overall Business, whereas the Product Canvas is a place to develop your Ideas relating to a specific Product within the Business. 

The canvas default is the Business Model Canvas, but you can also use the Lean Canvas or a custom canvas. Sections are also customizable.

Canvas View

  1. + Button: add an idea to the Canvas

  2. Product or Business: select which Canvas to work on

  3. Show Connections: allows you to select an Idea and see which other Ideas are linked to it

  4. Canvas View: displays your Ideas within the Business Model Canvas

  5. Kanban View: displays your Ideas as a scrollable Kanban list

  6. Canvas Section Label: set to the traditional Business Model Canvas labels as default

  7. Filters: filter through your Ideas

  8. Idea Result: Validated: shows the result of the Idea as validated

  9. Connected Ideas: indicates the number of Ideas linked to this Idea

  10. Connected Evidence: indicates the number of Evidence linked to this Idea

  11. Connected Discovery Tasks: indicates the number of Experiments or Research linked to this idea

  12. Trending Icon: indicates the Trending Score of all evidence linked to the Idea

  13. Idea Result: Invalidated: shows the result of the Idea as invalidated

  14. Chat to Us: click this icon to send a message to the GLIDR team

Kanban View

Switching to the Kanban view allows you to move Ideas between sections and prioritize Ideas within sections.

Ready to start filling out your Product Canvas? Click here.

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