Search all content in your Project!

To find what you're looking for quickly, enter your search terms in the Search Box in the top right navigation bar and click Enter. A list of results will appear below; select the correct result to open the relevant card. 

You can search:

  • Titles of cards
  • Content of text fields, other than comments
  • Names of interviewees
  • Organization name of interviewees
  • Tags
  • Attachment titles

How to search in GLIDR

Tips and tricks

  • Search for an exact phrase: You can search for exact phrases by wrapping them in double quotes. For example, "doctor of epidemiology" would only bring up cards with that exact phrase.
  • Term Exclusion: To exclude a word, you can add a hyphen before it. For example: "doctor -sanitation" would pull up all entries with the word doctor that don't contain the term sanitation.

NOTE: users with multiple Projects can currently only search the currently active Project.

Make organizing your Ideas even easier with Tags.

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