Keyboard Shortcuts
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The text editor has several keyboard shortcuts that let you perform common actions without using your mouse.

On Mac OSX:

Bold: Command  B
Italic: Command  I
Underline: Command  U
List: Command  Shift  7
Ordered list: Command Shift 8
Code: Command  Shift  K
Quote: Command  Shift  U
H1: Command  Shift  1  (large heading)
H2: Command  Shift  2  (medium heading)

On PC:

Bold: Ctrl  B
Italics: Ctrl  I
Underline: Ctrl  U
List: Ctrl  7
Ordered list: Ctrl  8
Code: Ctrl  K
Quote: Ctrl  Q
H1: Ctrl  1  (large heading)
H2: Ctrl  2  (medium heading)

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