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Organizing your Ideas in the Product Canvas
Organizing your Ideas in the Product Canvas

The best way to organize and prioritize (and connect evidence to) your product roadmap

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The ability to organize and prioritize your Ideas helps you to visualize your Roadmap and keep track of where you're headed.

Ordering Your Ideas on the Product Canvas

Reordering your Ideas in Product View is as simple as dragging and dropping. Ideas can either be moved up or down the current Section, such as when prioritizing which one to work on next, or between Sections, such as moving an Idea from Now to Completed.

In addition to prioritizing Ideas within the Roadmap view, you can also prioritize Ideas in Status and Theme view. An example way to use this would be to prioritize all hardware improvements, when using Theme view, or all Ideas currently in Product Definition, using Status view. You can do this in List View or Kanban View, which is also shown above.

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