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Kanban view of the Product Canvas

GLIDR's Product Canvas has a Kanban view of your newly improved product roadmap

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The Product Canvas is a new feature that allows you to capture feature ideas, user stories, and other product ideas directly in GLIDR. 

You can click the icon in the upper-right to switch between the List View and the Kanban View, where you can see your Product Idea cards in columns.

Using both the Business Canvas and Product Canvas, you can distinguish the ideas that are directly related to your market vs. related to your product. Both types of ideas can be tested through Discovery tasks (research and experiments) and are backed up by Evidence. Here are some of the features of the Product Canvas and how you can make the most of them:

Customizable Views

Roadmap View

The Roadmap View displays columns of ideas based on time and priority within your high-level feature map.

You can use the Product Canvas to organize ideas in a Kanban board and move them through stages like Now, Next, and Future or Backlog, Current, and Done. You can customize these names depending on what your team uses by clicking the column titles.

Status View

The Status View shows the ideas grouped by their status within your high-level timeline. You can see which ideas are being tested and for which ideas the testing is complete. You can give ideas a status category for more granularity than the roadmap category. 

Theme View

The Theme View displays your ideas grouped by theme. The default theme is "no theme" but you can create your own feature categories like desktop or mobile based on which themes make sense for your product.

Customizing Columns

To add new columns, scroll to the right and type the title where it says "Add new".  You can rearrange columns by dragging them into any order you'd like. 

If you want to delete extra columns, clicking the ... (more) icon beside the title and then click Delete Section.

You can also make these changes in Canvas Settings. Access Canvas Settings by clicking the ... (more) icon in any column and select Customize in Settings. Here, you can also add and remove columns, reorder them, and rename the sections. These settings are also accessible via Profile Icon > Team Settings.

Product Canvas Filters

We've built more powerful filters that allow you to easily pare down and see your Ideas. Select as many filters as you want to only display the filtered ideas on your Canvas.

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