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Intercom Integration Overview
Intercom Integration Overview

Loop customer feedback into product development and create the products people want

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Use the GLIDR & Intercom integration to surface key insights and trends from user feedback, separating the signals from the noise.

View all your product feedback in one place

With the GLIDR Intercom Integration you can ensure customer feedback is heard throughout product teams and considered with everything else you know. 

Validate the direction of your Ideas

Simply select relevant Intercom conversations and import them as Evidence for your GLIDR project. Move from feedback to action by connecting this Evidence to your Product Ideas and adjusting your roadmap based on direct user insights.

Collaborate with your team

Your Customer Success, User Research, and Product Management teams will be better coordinated than ever before. Comment and @mention your colleagues on interesting pieces of feedback and give them insight into what your users really think.

When you're ready to start using Intercom and GLIDR, click here to find out how to get set up.

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