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Customize Your Product Canvas

Your product team is unique. Your product management software should adapt to your preferred style.

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Different teams work in different ways. That's why we've made GLIDR customizable to your needs.ย 

You can categorize your Ideas by Roadmap, Status and Theme. When you start your Project, you'll find that the Roadmap and Status sections are already filled out with suggested titles, but you're free to change them as you wish.

Another way to add context to your Ideas is through the use of Prioritization Scoring (think ICE, RICE, Pain vs Frequency, Impact vs Effort), allowing you to minimize subjectivity and increase your objectivity.

Roadmap, Status & Themes

Roadmap allows you to plan your Ideas in order of priority, such as Now, Next, Future and Backlog.
Grouping by Status allows you to view how your Ideas are progressing based on the categories you choose; allowing you to see all Ideas in the Discovery phase grouped together, for example.
โ€‹Themes are a way of defining broader concepts, such as Integrations or Usability. These categories are fully customizable.

Customize from your Canvas

Just click on the section to rename it, or the three dots to the right of the name to delete it. If you would like to add a new Section, click the Add Section button.

Customize from Settings

To add or edit your sections, navigate to Team Settings, then Product Ideas or Business Ideas. Here, you'll be able to add, edit or delete sections, and enable Prioritization Scoring.

Prioritization Scores

Prioritization Scores are a way of using the Evidence added during Discovery to decide what advances through your stages of development and eventually makes it into production. These can be enabled or disabled from Team Settings and are available in the Team, Business and Enterprise tiers.

To find out more about Prioritization Scores, click here.

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