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Set Up Your Intercom Integration
Set Up Your Intercom Integration

Bring customer feedback directly into GLIDR, and connect it directly to your Ideas

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Install the Intercom integration

First, head to the Intercom App Store to add GLIDR to your Intercom account.

Next, head to Team Settings in your Account menu, then click on Integrations to set up and configure your Intercom integration. This is also where you'll find the Slack and other integrations as they're added.

Clicking on Authorize will take you out of GLIDR and into the Intercom authentication screen, as appears below. These options indicate the related permissions you're granting to GLIDR, such as the ability for GLIDR to access your Conversations or Tags.

Once you've authorized access to Intercom, you will be taken back to GLIDR to finish setting up the integration.

Configure Intercom and GLIDR

Here, you should select the option that best suits your workflow.

Pull all new conversations: this will automatically pull all new Intercom conversations into your Evidence tab as New evidence.

Pull only new conversations with an assigned tag: this will only pull in new conversations with the Conversation Tags you choose. Click here to find out how to tag your conversations in Intercom.

Pull all new conversations; those with the specified tags will be placed in New, while all others will be placed in Reviewed: this is a hybrid of the first two options. All of your Intercom conversations will be pulled into GLIDR, those with the Conversation Tags you choose will appear in the New tab, ready to be reviewed; while conversations without the chosen tags will appear in the Reviewed tab so that you can find them again if needed in the future.

Review Your Intercom Conversations

You can quickly review your Intercom Conversations at a glance using Evidence List View, allowing you to see how many Ideas and Discovery tasks each Conversation is linked to.

Linking your Intercom Conversations to Ideas is as easy as connecting any other piece of Evidence; just navigate to the Evidence tab and locate the Conversation you'd like to connect.

Read our blog post about setting up our Intercom integration here.

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