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You can search all data (Ideas, Research, Experiments, and Evidence) across all projects via Home > Search.

Enter your search terms in the Search box and a list of results will appear below; select the correct result to open the relevant card.

You can search:

  • Titles of cards

  • Content of text fields (except comments)

  • Evidence contact names and details

  • Tags

  • Attachment titles

The other way to search data is from a project. Click 🔍Search in the top right navigation bar of a project; by default this will search just this project, but you can select to search cards across the organization as well. Click any of the resulting data to jump into the card and read more.

Use Search to easily find data, and improve visibility and communication across projects.

Tips and tricks

  • Search for an exact phrase: You can search for exact phrases by wrapping them in double quotes. For example, "doctor of epidemiology" would only bring up cards with that exact phrase.

  • Term Exclusion: To exclude a word, you can add a hyphen before it. For example: "doctor -sanitation" would pull up all entries with the word doctor that don't contain the term sanitation.

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