TravelScrum Hackathon 2020

Are you part of the Hackathon program? If so, start here!

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Welcome to GLIDR! Our platform is built to allow teams to test business and product ideas, run experiments, gather data, and build out an evidence-driven roadmap.

Step 1: Appoint one member of your team to create a GLIDR Team here.

Choose TRY TEAM FREE, enter your email address, and name your team and url that will appear as (this cannot be changed).

Step 2: Invite your teammates to your GLIDR Team.

Once one member has created your GLIDR Team, everyone else can be invited to join it! This ensures that your teammates end up in your same collaborative GLIDR instance. To invite your team, navigate to your Profile Icon in the top right corner and select Team Management. Click the + icon to add your teammates (we recommend adding everyone as an Admin, as you're all equally working in your projects).

Step 3: Set up your project.

You can add up to three distinct project workspaces, but you're most likely going to need just one for this program. Find your project in the left-side menu, and click the settings icon beside it. Here, you can set up your ideas canvases, team, and integrations.

Note: by default, you have a 14 day fully-featured free trial, which we will extend for this program. You don't need to enter your billing information.

Step 4: Dive in deeper with our walkthrough video.

Step 5: Let us know you're here!

Send a note in the app or to, and we'll extend your access.

We're excited to have you on GLIDR! Please use the chat icon in the bottom right corner to reach out with any questions.

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