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Create a Dropbox zap
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Using Dropbox to create an Evidence card.

  1. Select Dropbox as your trigger app.

  2. Select your trigger event. We recommend "New File in Folder."

  3. Choose your Dropbox account to connect.

  4. Select the Trigger. In this example, we created a GLIDR folder to hold all relevant files.

  5. Test the trigger to confirm connection with Dropbox. It may help to create a test file to place in your folder.

  6. Select GLIDR as your Action app and choose your Action Event. In this example, we chose Create Evidence.

  7. Choose your GLIDR account to connect.

  8. Set up your Action with the information you would like included in your Evidence card. For best practices, we selected the File Name/Title as the card title. For the summary, we included the Modified Date and Share link. Don't forget to include tags for reference!

  9. Test the action to confirm that the zap is working properly.

  10. Turn on your zap!

With this zap, you can add a file to a Dropbox folder to create an Evidence card in your GLIDR project. Be sure to check out this other recommended zaps too!

Visit our Help Center to learn about about the integrations GLIDR currently provides.

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