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Email Integration Best Practices
Email Integration Best Practices

Recommended steps to have you succeed while creating Evidence!

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Now that you are familiar with the Email Integration on the platform, taking these following steps will help you manage your discovery process.

  1. Include the Interviewee Name and Date in your email's subject title.

  2. Add any notes or reminders you would like to include in the body of the email above the "Forwarded" block. You will be able to edit these notes later when you view the Evidence card in your GLIDR project.

  3. Make sure to take some time to organize your Evidence once it has been created. You can organize your thoughts inside the the Summary text box and assign tags to your Evidence card for optimal research management.

  4. Tag team members who may benefit from viewing this new evidence. Team engagement within our platform is extremely valuable to the customer discovery process!

  5. Don't forget to connect it to Ideas to enhance your customer and product discovery! This can save you substantial time developing the right product features for your customers.

Visit our Help Center to learn about the integrations GLIDR currently provides. Let us know how we can help improve your workflow by leaving feedback in our Public Portal!

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