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LPG Roles & Permission Settings
LPG Roles & Permission Settings

Discover what features are available with your role!

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LPG is an academic platform with specific permissions settings. Here is a list of those roles and the features they access:


This permission level can add Resources, Presentation Dates, and Post on Team Activity Feeds. Under Presentations tab, they can view and add Instructor comments, a section separate from Peer Comments. They also have access to Instructor Chat for private commentary that disappears after the session ends.

Cohort Admin

This person has full access to settings and can view Instructor settings as well. Usually, this permission is used by the lead Instructor or teaching assistant.

Cohort Mentor

This permission setting can view all teams within the cohort and leave helpful posts and commentary.

Team Mentor

This permission setting has access to the team canvas they are assigned to and are able to create posts on the team's activity feed.

Team Admin

This permission setting has full access to team settings for the team to which they are assigned, including changing the team name.

Team Member

This permission setting has editing access on their team canvas. They can add Hypotheses, Evidence, and Posts to the Activity Feed. They cannot view Instructor Comments on the Presentations page and cannot view other team canvases if those teams are set to private.

For more on permissions and other features, visit our Help Center!

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