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Zoom Integration

Use the GLIDR app in your daily Zoom meetings!

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You can now create GLIDR evidence in a Zoom meeting!

Start a new meeting or schedule a meeting for a later date.

When you begin your meeting, go to your Apps in Zoom and search for GLIDR.

Once you connect to GLIDR, you will be prompted to sign in to your GLIDR account.

You will then select your Organization and Project to access your Evidence page.

You can choose to edit an existing piece of Evidence or you can create a new Evidence card for your meeting.

Once you Publish your Evidence card, it will immediately be viewable to your team members and instructors.

Additionally, you can access Zoom at any time by selecting the Zoom icon button in any open Evidence card!

Zoom Integration Demo

Check it out here!

Visit our Help Center to learn about the integrations GLIDR currently provides. Let us know how we can help improve your workflow by leaving feedback in our Public Portal!

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