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Create and use saved templates for your Interview notes!

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Available for Teams, Business, Enterprise, and Academic tiers

You can now save your own interview templates when adding Evidence! Learn how to customize and streamline your interview process in GLIDR.

Templates can be accessed by two methods: The Projects Settings menu or the Templates button located above Notes within an open Evidence card.

Creating Templates From Project Settings:

Select New Template, add the title, and start creating! Once you've finished, select Publish, and it will be added to the list of published templates. If you do not select Publish, it will be saved under the corresponding Drafts section. You can also return here at any time to edit or delete templates.

When you're ready to use your template, click the Templates button within any open Evidence card to access the template and populate the Notes section of your interview.

Creating Templates from Evidence:

Enter your interview data into the Notes section. Once finished, select Templates then Save As New Template from the drop down menu, add a title, and hit enter on your keyboard. This will automatically add the template to the published list so that it is immediately ready to use and accessible from the Template button menu.

You can also select Manage Templates from the dropdown menu to be redirected to the Templates section of Project Settings to access, edit, and delete templates.

For more on this and other GLIDR features, visit our Help Center or use the blue chat bubble to speak with a team member.

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