Creating a Post via Email

Cohort Instructors, Admins, Mentors, and Team Members can create posts directly from their GLIDR associated email address.

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You can now post information to a team's Activity Feed directly through email!

From the Leaderboard

Next to each Team's name on the Leaderboard is a Mail (envelope) icon.


By selecting the Mail icon, a How It Works pop-up menu will walk you through the steps.

Every time you send an email from your GLIDR associated email address to a team-specific Post email address (like the one shown in the pop-up menu), a new post will be created with all of the email's contents including the subject line, full email body, and any attachments. The team to which you send the email can view this new post on their Activity Feed.

Composing the Post Email

Either click the email address which will automatically open your native email inbox with a populated recipient line or select Copy Email to copy and paste the Post-related email address to the recipient line in your email.


For more on this and other GLIDR features, visit our Help Center or use the blue chat bubble to speak with a team member.

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