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Idea Status

Assign a status to your ideas!

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The Status menu can help you organize your ideas. There are three options:
Active (default), Parked, and Archived.

Here is how to tell where to move an idea:

Active: idea is actively being worked on

Parked: idea does not support current canvas, but may be returned to at a later time

Archived: idea is no longer being worked on

To filter ideas that are active, parked and/or archived, select the status you wish to view on the canvas from the Status menu. Once you have selected your filter, those will be the only cards that show on the canvas. Make sure to click Reset to return to your Active (default) canvas.

To change the status of an idea, open the Idea card and select from the Status menu located at the top left of the card. The card will then be viewable within its new status category:

*Note it is better to archive an idea than delete. Once a card is deleted, it can not be restored.

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