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Invite Multiple Users with CSV File
Invite Multiple Users with CSV File

For LPG members. You *must* have Microsoft Excel or Numbers installed on your computer.

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You can now invite multiple users to a cohort via CSV file!

Navigate to Cohort Settings. All teams must first be created under the Teams tab. New teams cannot be created in the CSV file.

Once all teams are created, navigate to the Membership tab.

Select Invite Multiple People via CSV and a list of permitted user roles as well as template format notes will appear.

Select Download Sample Template. You can open the template in Numbers or Microsoft Excel.

Note: USER: Function Role and Email columns are required.

Formatting is important! Pay close attention to the Notes section to mitigate any related issues. Export file as CSV and return to the platform to import the file.

Once the CSV file is completed, drag and drop or browse for file to upload.

All users will receive invites via email and the page will update automatically showing accepted invitations (users who have used the platform previously) and Pending Invitations.

Should any errors occur, a notification with all errors that need to be addressed within the CSV will be listed.

For more on this and other GLIDR features, visit our Help Center or use the blue chat bubble to speak with a team member.

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