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Transcribe Evidence Audio

Record live conversations in GLIDR

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Exclusively for Business and Enterprise tiers, you can now use our native audio transcription to record live conversations in GLIDR!

Start by opening an Evidence card and navigating to the Record and Transcribe audio button (microphone icon) located near the bottom of the card.

A pop-up will appear asking to confirm the Record & Transcribe request as well as notify the user how much transcription time is available. *Note: Should you max out, additional time is available for purchase. Please reach out to for more.

Once confirmed, the Start Recording box will appear. Click the button and the recording will begin.

As you begin talking, text will appear within the transcription section just below the Notes section. When finished, click the X icon and this will end the transcription recording. The Pause button will stop the immediate transcribing but keep the transcription session open so there is no need to start a new recording.

Next, assign the speakers. You are able to assign up to 5 speakers to each transcription. Click the speaker icon and either select from the list of contacts or assign a name in the bottom field. Repeat this action for each speaker.

You can also upload any audio or video file if you would like it transcribed in an Evidence card. Just drag and drop the file into the “upload” section at the bottom of your Evidence card. Select the option to create a transcription from the pop-up menu and upload.

Please allow a few minutes for the transcription to finalize. Once the file is uploaded, you can exit out of the card and return later to view the finalized transcription.

If necessary, once the upload is complete, you're free to edit the transcriptions by clicking into any line of text and making appropriate alterations.

If you have any questions, reach out to us through the chat bubble or visit our Help Center at

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