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Harnessing the Power of Petal Diagrams in your discovery journey!

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We're excited to introduce a new feature to our dashboard: Petal Diagrams! Let's dive into their purpose and function, how they can enhance your discovery process, and help you interpret data more effectively. *Note: available for our Business, Enterprise, and Academic users.

Below is a in-depth description + how to create:

A Brief Description

Petal diagrams are a dynamic tool that can be integrated into your Lean Startup toolkit. They enable you to represent and understand data in an engaging and intuitive manner. Here's how petal diagrams work and why they're beneficial during the discovery process:

Visualizing Data in Context

Petal diagrams allow you to map data points. Each petal in the diagram represents a specific aspect of your business model, such as customer segments, product features, or channels. The size of each petal corresponds to a value or metric associated with that aspect.

Comparative Analysis

One of the key benefits of petal diagrams is their ability to facilitate comparative analysis. By comparing the size of the petals, you can identify patterns, trends, and discrepancies within your business model. For example, you can quickly see which customer segments are showing the most interest or which channels are generating the most revenue.

Iterative Decision-Making

In the lean startup methodology, iteration is crucial. Petal diagrams help you make informed decisions by providing a clear representation of the data collected during customer discovery and validation process. As you gather feedback and learn from the market, you can update your petal diagrams in real-time, helping you stay agile and responsive to changing circumstances.

Effective Communication

Petal diagrams are excellent communication tools, especially when presenting your projects progress or strategies to stakeholders, team members, or investors. They offer a concise and engaging way to convey complex information, making it easier for others to grasp your vision and goals.

Read this article if you would like to create your petal diagram manually or add additional petals to a GLIDR AI generated petal diagram.

Feel free to explore our Help Center for further information, or reach out to us directly by clicking the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

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