GLIDR enables you to create and collaborate on innovation projects. Projects allow you to capture your innovation experiments and to test them. Over time you will be able to validate and invalidate your project ideas to move your project forward.

Project screen navigation:

Left - Project Metadata

  • Team: view your project team members and their individual contributions by clicking on each person.
  • Project Labels: assign labels to your project to categorize and filter them.
  • Additional Project information: type, timeframe, stage and other details.

Center - Overview

  • Summary: view the project description, problem and solution statements, as well as other details. You can also update the project description, labels, project type, timeframe, horizon, and other details here.

Center - Metrics

Research and Experiments

  • This lists basic stats about your Research and Experiments by type, phase, and completion status.
  • View your Velocity (the number of Research and Experiments run each week with regards to those that are validated or invalidated, as well as the length of time and evidence to determine validity).
  • At Risk signifies those that are halfway to their due dates without any actions having been taken.
  • Past Due refers to those after their due date in which no evidence was added.

  • Ideas overview: view the number of ideas per status and the overall amount.
  • Evidence overview: view the number of Evidence collected and a breakdown by type.
  • Investment Metrics: add numbers of total investment needed, attach supporting documents, and enter investment notes.
  • Market Size: add numbers of total available market, served available market and target market, attach supporting documents, and enter market notes.

Right - Project Status

  • Project Stage: view the stage your project is in.
  • Riskiest Ideas: view the 5 most critical ideas the the team is currently testing. The small icon next to an idea indicates if the idea is part of an Experiment.
  • Discovery: view the total number of active and completed Research and Experiments.
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