With search in GLIDR, you can come back to all of your critical data at any point. You can also find new ideas and insights while you're at it.

Who can use this feature?

  • Project Admins
  • Project Collaborators
  • Project Commenters
  • Project Observers
  • Organization Admins

What fields can you search?

In its current iteration, search is confined to the project that you are viewing. In the future you will be able search across all projects in the organization (for those who have the permission to do so).

You can search all cards (ideas, research, experiments, evidence and posts) in the project. Searchable fields include:

  • Titles of cards
  • Content of text fields, other than comments
  • Names of interviewees
  • Organization name of interviewees
  • Tags
  • Attachment titles

How to search in GLIDR

1. While in a project, click the in the search bar in the top navigation bar.

2. Start typing a search term. Every time you stop typing for a second, results will populate below.

3. Click on a result to open the fullscreen takeover of the card.

Tips and tricks

  • Search for an exact phrase: You can search for exact phrases by wrapping them in double quotes. For example, "doctor of epidemiology" would only bring up cards with that exact phrase.
  • Term Exclusion: To exclude a word, you can add a hyphen before it. For example: "doctor -sanitation" would pull up all entries with the word doctor that don't contain the term sanitation.
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