Your project is where your team will work on a particular product or idea. This is where you'll add project data, add ideas, test these ideas via Research and Experiments, and gather Evidence to support or invalidate your Business Model. There are three main sections of your project; Dashboard, Activity, and Workspace.

1. Three-Line Icon: opens up the left-side menu, where you can view projects, view collections, and access administrative options for Owners.

2. Project Settings Icon: allows you to view or edit team members, update the project status, manage project notifications, and add project integrations.

3. Workspace: the current view; this is where you can view all your work in your project, and create and view your ideas, Research, Experiments, Evidence, and Posts.

4. Activity: shows all data added to the project in one place to easily filter and find the data you need.

5. Dashboard: shows all project information and metrics.

6. Search: find data in your project by terms.

7. Resource Menu: displays all linked resources added by the organization Owner.

8. Guided Tour Checklist: go through the Guided Tour to get started on GLIDR.

9. Notifications/Drafts Icon: view all project notifications and drafts of your work.

10. Profile Icon: update your account information, notification preferences, and logout.

11. Idea List and Canvas: view your ideas in List format, or on the Canvas. Drag-and-drop in the List to prioritize and reorder your ideas.

12. Discovery Tasks: view your Research and Experiments in their three phases: Plan, Run, and Analyze.

13. Evidence: view all Evidence added to your project.

14. Red + Button: create a new idea, Research, Experiment, Evidence, or Post here.

15. Active and Completed Tabs: toggle between Active and Completed Research and Experiments in the Discovery Tasks tab.

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