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Ideas Overview

Organizing and prioritizing product ideas for your backlog or roadmap

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Ideas are a core component of your project. Whether you're starting from scratch with a new Business Idea or working on a new Product Idea, your canvas will begin to fill with Ideas, either before you get out and get Evidence to validate or invalidate your Idea, or from Evidence you've already gathered from tests or customer interviews.

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When adding an Idea, or clicking in to an existing Idea from your Canvas, you will see the screen below.

1. Three-dot Icon: delete your idea, or switch between a Business or Product Idea.

2. Favorite: bookmark this Idea to find later.

3. Publish Button: publish your idea to add it to your project.

4. Connections: Connections view for Ideas, Evidence, and Experiments.

5. Comments: open the Comments Sidebar.

6. Help: open the Help Sidebar.

7. Roadmap Section: adjust which section of your Roadmap the Idea sits in.

8. Theme: choose the Theme that closest matches your Idea.

9. Status: update the state of the idea.

10. Results: set whether the Idea has been Validated or Invalidated.

11. Assign: add or edit the Team Members assigned to this Idea.

12. Idea: a brief description of your Idea.

13. Summary: add notes or further detail about this idea.

14. Tags Icon: add tags so you can search by tag later.

15. Attachments: attach relevant files including recordings, photos or documents.


Clicking into the Connections icon will allow you to view and add connections to Evidence, Experiments and other Ideas.

16. Ideas/Evidence/Experiments Icons: the figures next to the icons show the number of Ideas, Evidence and Discovery Tasks that are linked to this Idea.

17. Ideas/Evidence/Experiments: filter Connections by type.

18. Connect Button: connect Ideas, Evidence, and Experiments.

19. Ideas/Experiments Icons: displays the number of Ideas, Experiments, and Comments linked to this piece of Evidence.

20: Confirming/Disconfirming Status: indicates whether the linked Connection supports or doesn't support your Idea.

21. Comments: displays comments made by you and your teammates.

Learn more about adding ideas here!

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