Evidence is data that you generate to validate or invalidate your Ideas. 

Evidence can be connected directly to an Idea, or can be connected through Discovery tasks, depending on your workflow.

It can be added automatically using our Intercom Integration, through the Chrome Extension, or manually by using the red + button at the top of your screen. When adding Evidence directly in GLIDR, there are two types: Interview and Other. 

Throughout your project, you will likely conduct a number of interviews with key stakeholders, customers and influencers. Through the Evidence • Interview feature, you can easily capture insights, notes and attachments from an interview and share them with your team. 

In addition to interviews, you may have additional types of Evidence to share with your team. Using Evidence • Other, you can easily post survey results, landing page test results, secondary research, competitive analysis, and any other evidence.

Details Tab 

1. Star Icon: favorite this Evidence to find later

2. Details and Connections tab: switch between the Evidence details and its Connections

3. Mark Reviewed: use this to mark when a Team Member has reviewed the Evidence

4. Connections Icons: shows the number of Ideas and Discovery tasks this Evidence is connected to

5. Publish or Edit Button: publish your Evidence to add it to your project, or make edits

6. Three-dot Icon: delete your Evidence

7. Export Icon: export your Evidence as a PDF

8. Help Center Icon: displays relevant Help Center information on the right hand side of the Evidence screen

9. Comments Sidebar: discuss this Evidence with your team

10. People Interviewed: add the person or people you interviewed (Evidence • Interview only)

11. Added By: indicates which Team Member added the Evidence

12. Date of Interview: add the date you conducted the interview (Evidence • Interview only)

13. Key Insights: what is the main takeaway from this interview? (Evidence • Interview only)

14. Notes: add a summary or notes about this Evidence

15. Hashtags: add hashtags to help filter your information

16. Attachments: attach relevant files including recordings, photos or documents

17. Leave a Comment: use this to leave your feedback and @mention Team Members

Connections Tab 

18. Ideas and Research & Experiments tab: switch between connecting with Ideas and Research & Experiments

19. Connect Button: add or remove connections to Ideas, Research and Experiments

20. Product or Business, Roadmap, Status: indicates whether the Idea is a Product or Business Idea, which Roadmap section the Idea belongs to and the Status of the Idea

21. Trending Score: rate the extent to which the Evidence confirms or disconfirms the Idea

Find out how to Connect and Rate Evidence

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