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Evidence Overview

Put feedback at the heart of your development process.

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Evidence is data that you generate to validate or invalidate your Ideas, and is anything that relates to your Business or Product. For example, customer discovery interviews, sales calls, support tickets, testing results, competitor analysis - and anything else that supports your Ideas.

Add Evidence

Evidence can be added automatically using our Intercom Integration, through the Chrome Extension, or manually by using the red + button at the top of your screen. 


Throughout your project, you will likely conduct a number of interviews with key stakeholders, customers and influencers. Through the Evidence • Interview feature, you can easily capture insights, notes and attachments from an interview and share them with your team. 


In addition to interviews, you may have additional types of Evidence to share with your team. Using Evidence • Other, you can easily post survey results, landing page test results, secondary research, competitive analysis, and any other evidence. 


During the course of your conversations with customers, it's likely they'll be giving you feedback or sending feature requests. If you use Intercom, you can bring these conversations directly into GLIDR, and link them directly to your Ideas, using our Intercom Integration.

Chrome Extension

Using our Chrome Extension, you can also bring in Evidence from your browser, such as news articles, websites or reports. All of these help to add additional data to back up your Ideas.

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