Multiple Projects

Find out how to add and switch between different Projects in GLIDR Team, Business, and Enterprise

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Add a Project

When you first set up your Organization, we'll create your first Project. 

Organization Owners and Admins can add new Projects by clicking Add New Project.

Switch Projects

You can quickly switch between Projects by navigating to the menu in the top left corner of your screen. 

Alternatively, you can see a list of all Projects, and the Projects you've been added to on your Home Screen.

My Projects vs All Projects

The Home Screen displays two categories of Projects: My Projects are Projects that you've been added to, All Projects is a list of all of the Projects in your Organization, including ones you haven't been added to.

When switching between Projects using the menu on the upper left side of your screen, you will be able to see which Projects you have access to by checking the small square icon next to the Project name. 

A filled square means that you're a member, an empty square means you'll need to contact your Organization Owner for access.

Team tier, all projects are open access. This allows for all members to see all data in all projects.

Business and Enterprise allow for project permissions where a project can be marked as private and only members of that project can see its details. Find out more about Project Permissions.

GLIDR Business allows your team to work collaboratively on up to eight Projects. Need more? Talk to us about GLIDR Enterprise.

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