GLIDR is made for collaboration. With multiple permission levels, you can control access to your Project, while keeping your team in the loop. 

Invite Users

To add users to your team, navigate to your Profile Icon in the top right corner and select Team Management. Here, you can add one or many members to your Project.


In Team Settings, you can view your current members and change their permission level. Click the permission level beside users' names to update it.

  • Members are those adding data and doing the work. They have no administrative access but can still participate in the project.
  • Admins have limited administrative access and can invite users.
  • Owners have the highest level of access, and can invite and disable users.
  • Viewers can view your Project, but can't add or edit content.

You can also Disable users to remove their access, but preserve any work they've contributed.

Check out our Getting Started Guide for more tips.

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