To add users to your team, navigate to your Profile Icon in the top right corner and select Team Management. Next, click the round Invite People icon. You can invite users as Admins or Members and invite users individually, or invite many people all at once.

NOTE: Users have one week to accept their invitations! You can see which users have registered via Pending Invitations.

You can view your current members and change their permission level. Click the permission level beside users' names to update it.

  • Members are those adding data and doing the work. They have no administrative access but can still participate in the project.
  • Admins have limited administrative access and can invite users.
  • Owners have the highest level of access, and can invite and disable users.
  • Disable users to remove their access, but preserve any work they've contributed.

Your invitee will receive the following email with sign-up instructions.

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