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Set Up the Jira Integration
Set Up the Jira Integration

Use this quick start guide to walk through the setup process of our GLIDR & Jira Integration.

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The GLIDR & Jira Integration lets you seamlessly move ideas from roadmap to delivery, without losing context.

This article will show you the steps you need to take to set up the Integration and get everything connected properly, including some tips for troubleshooting.

Setting up Jira from GLIDR

You can find the Jira integration, along with our Intercom, Slack and Google Chrome integrations by clicking on your Account Menu, then selecting Integrations.ย 

Note: to set up your Integrations in GLIDR, you'll need to be set as an Owner of your Organization.

Selecting the Install Jira button will take you to the GLIDR for Jira app in the Atlassian Marketplace.

You'll now be taken out of GLIDR to continue setting up the integration from Jira.

Install the GLIDR App

To install the app in Jira, click Get it now. Our Jira integration works with Jira Cloud (not Server).

Setting up GLIDR from Jira

Now that you've linked GLIDR to Jira, you'll need to choose which Project in GLIDR you'll be linking to your Jira Project.

Note: while you can link multiple GLIDR Projects to one Jira Project, you can only link one Jira Project to each GLIDR Project.

In order to connect Jira to GLIDR, you'll need to do a few things to configure the integration.

First, you'll be prompted to log in to GLIDR. You'll then be asked to choose which Project you'd like to link to Jira, and finally you'll be asked to enter your Atlassian URL. You can find this by looking at the URL in the set-up window that ends with

Once you're done, you'll see a green tick next to your Project, with a link to go to GLIDR.

Removing the Jira Integration

Heading back to your Integrations page, you'll be able to select the Jira integration. Once you've selected this, you'll be able to see which Jira Project you're connected to, along with a button to Remove Integration.


If you don't have sufficient permissions in your Jira instance, there are two quick fixes:

  • Ask your Jira Site Administrator to upgrade your Jira permissions.

  • Invite a Site Administrator from your Jira instance to your GLIDR organization, and ask them to implement the integration with their permission level. Once this is completed, you can disable their GLIDR account and continue using the integration.

Learn more about how to make the most of the Jira integration in your workflow.

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