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Jira Integration Overview

Understand how our GLIDR + Jira Integration is set up, how the data flow works between the apps, and what is visible in each platform.

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We built our GLIDR & Jira Integration to help your team move faster, work more effectively, and gain visibility into one another's progress.

Connect your Workflow

Connect your workflow, from roadmap to implementation

Break down silos between your product and engineering teams with a two-way integration that syncs everything happening in Jira and GLIDR. Automatically transfer relevant data fields and keep up with information as it evolves in each application.

View GLIDR Evidence in Jira

Bring the “why” with you and ensure product knowledge isn't forgotten during handoffs

Support Ideas throughout the entire product process by viewing connected GLIDR Evidence in Jira. Maintain context as ideas transform into features and give engineers insight into direct customer feedback.

Monitor your Jira statuses in GLIDR

Monitor the status of your build process within GLIDR

Visualize every Idea's journey from initial planning phases in GLIDR to eventual feature development in Jira. Monitor changes as they happen and stay connected to customer feedback, with relevant GLIDR Evidence always in view. 

Increase visibility between teams

Work the way you want, without holding back your product
Let some teams work in GLIDR and others work in Jira. Integrate to accommodate different work preferences and have team members contribute from where they're happiest, without sacrificing overall product knowledge. 

Ready to go? Here's our step-by-step guide to setting up the Jira Integration.

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