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Seamlessly push your Ideas from GLIDR to Trello

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Using Trello with GLIDR helps you execute on your Ideas and get things done. Use GLIDR as your Product Roadmap, deciding what to work on next, based on real Evidence you're collecting, then push it to Trello. 

Trello is a great place to prioritize your projects. Break your product ideas down into a to-do list, with actionable items that you can assign to team members: development tasks, marketing experiments or customer communications.

Set up the Integration

You can set up and configure Trello from the Integrations page.

For a guide to setting up Trello, click here.

Push an Idea to Trello

When you're ready to push an Idea, just click on the Export menu in the top right corner of an Idea.

Choose your Project

Trello gives you the ability to run multiple boards, such as your personal to-do list, development tickets, reported bugs and team-specific boards.

You can select which board you'd like to send your GLIDR Idea to, as well as which column you'd like it to be sent to.

Note: you can send an Idea to as many Trello boards as you like

View your Idea in Trello 

Once you've pushed an Idea from GLIDR, it will appear in your Trello board as a Trello card. Opening it will show you the description from GLIDR, as well as links back to the GLIDR card and any associated Evidence.

Note: any subsequent changes you make to the GLIDR Idea will not be updated in the Trello card, and any changes you make in the Trello card won't be pushed to GLIDR

We're constantly adding to our list of Integrations. To find out which other apps we support, click here.

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