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Set Up the Trello Integration
Set Up the Trello Integration

How to set up the GLIDR and Trello integration to start pushing your Ideas to the next stage.

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To find out more about how to use the Trello integration, click here.

Enable the Trello Integration

You'll find all of our integrations listed in Project Settings

When you're ready to set up the Trello integration for the first time, press Configure.

Next, you'll be prompted to authorize the connection. This allows GLIDR to send data to Trello.

Select Trello Boards

If you have multiple Trello boards, this allows you to decide which boards appear in GLIDR. To select your boards, just open the dropdown, then press Save when you're done.

Note: when you set up your Trello integration, the option to push GLIDR Ideas to Trello will be available to all Project members, even those who don't have access to the Trello board.

Send an Idea to Trello

When you're ready to send an Idea to Trello, just click the Export icon in the top-right corner of the Idea, and select Push to Trello.

To find out more about sending Ideas to Trello, click here.

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