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Setting up the Public Portal
Setting up the Public Portal

Enabling your Public Portal is quick and easy.

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Setting up the Portal for the first time

The first time you navigate to the Portal tab, you will be prompted to set up the Portal. This will take you through a short series of prompts, including naming your Portal (which can be changed later), and adding Sections.

Changing Portal Settings

To change settings, such as the Name or Profile Photo, navigate to the three dot menu next to your portal name, and select Change Settings.

Deleting your Portal

If you no longer need to share your Portal, we recommend changing the visibility to Hidden. If you would like to fully delete the current Portal, you can delete it in Portal Settings.

Any data collected through the Portal will be unaffected, and you will still be able to set up a new Portal when you're ready.

Find out more about adding an Idea to your Portal here.

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