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Adding an Idea to your Portal
Adding an Idea to your Portal

How to start publishing your Ideas to your Roadmap.

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Once you've set up your Portal, you can begin adding Ideas. Any Idea on the Portal has to be connected to an Idea on your Canvas, so that any feedback given through the Portal will automatically be connected to the corresponding Idea in GLIDR – allowing you to validate your Ideas even faster.

When pushing an Idea to your Portal, you'll be able to add a title and description that make it more relevant to your users; we recommend making this something that's relevant and understandable to your audience. 

Adding Ideas from the Portal

The quickest way to start adding Ideas to your Portal is to click on one of the + buttons on the Portal workspace. 

This will open up a screen that will allow you to select an Idea from your Product or Business Canvas.

Pushing an Idea to the Portal

When you're working on an Idea, select the Public Portal tab. Here, you can add more detail, or make changes to an already published Idea. You can also remove an Idea from the Portal, without losing any data you've already collected from your stakeholders.

This allows you to view how a card will look to your audience. Adding a descriptive title, and more detail in the description, along with images, gives your users a stronger idea of your product's direction. 

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