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Instructor Guide | LaunchPad on GLIDR
Instructor Guide | LaunchPad on GLIDR
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LaunchPad on GLIDR gives you a birds eye view of students progress and gives team members the tools to run their own innovation teams through evidence based practices.

If you need to set up your cohort by creating teams and inviting your members please visit 5 Steps to Set up your cohort.

Once your cohort is set up, here are some weekly practices:

View your Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is where you view your student teams' current and total progression scores.

Checking in with Your Teams

During your cohort, you can check in on each team's canvas through the Leaderboard.

Click on the Activity tab to view a team's activity feed. You can click on the Hypothesis or Interview cards to learn more information or leave a comment to provide important feedback.

View a Team's Project Dashboard

The Team Project Dashboard features all of the team's summary and metrics in one area. Instructors can track each individual team member's progress.

To view the Team Project Dashboard, navigate to a team's Canvas and click on the Three Bar icon to the right of the Activity tab. Then, select Team Dashboard.

To track a specific team member's contribution to the project, click on team member's Profile Icon located on the left of the screen under Team. Instructors will be able to see the number of Hypotheses, other Evidence, and Comments & Posts the team member has added to the team's total.

By clicking the Metrics tab, Instructors can also view helpful statistics and charts related to Invalidated and Validated Hypotheses, type of Evidence, and Market Size.

Add Comments

Commenting in the Launchpad on GLIDR! platform is a quick and easy way to let team members know your thoughts on Ideas, Evidence, Experiments or Posts. You can also @mention specific teammates if something needs their attention or input.


The Presentations tab is where your students can upload a presentation deck under the corresponding presentation date. To add a presentation date, click the + sign at the right of the Team Presentations title.

As an Instructor, you can assign scorings to each team's presentation from 1 to 10. You can also leave comments.

Instructor presentation comments default to Private so that they are only visible to Cohort Admins and Instructors. You can change this setting to Public if you want all past and future comments visible to cohort members.

Adding Resources

Use the Resources tab to add links to your syllabus, videos, or other documents. Click Resources located within the top left Cohort Settings icon, enter the link and title of your Resource, and then click the Save button.

View Your Notifications

Click the Notifications Icon in the top right navigation bar to open the Notifications drawer. You can view Drafts here as well.

NOTE: Be sure to update your Notification Preferences via your Profile Icon to ensure you're notified when there's an update in your project!

Set Up Your Profile

Navigating to Profile & Account Settings under your profile icon will take you a page allowing you to change your profile information.

  1. Clicking your profile photo will allow you to add a new photo or remove the existing one.

  2. Add more information about yourself here. This information is visible to your teammates.

You're well on your way to success with LaunchPad on GLIDR! We wish you the best of luck. Feel free to explore our Help Center for further information, or reach out to us directly by clicking the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

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