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This article is for the Cohort Admin permission.

Before using the generation feature in LaunchPad on GLIDR, make sure the team has added a project description under their Team Overview. The description should be about 2-3 sentences (no more than 500 characters) and should address the following: what it is, who’s it for, the problem and the solution, if possible.

Navigate to the wheel icon located at the top right of the cohort name. Click on the icon and select Teams.

Under the Teams tab, select the team and click the generation icon. Confirm the project description looks correct and then click generate.

Effortlessly, GLIDR AI will generate a first draft of a team canvas, market analysis, interview recommendations and templates, and a petal diagram.

You can also generate multiple team projects at the same time.

Feel free to explore our Help Center for further information, or reach out to us directly by clicking the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

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