For team members, GLIDR is the place that innovation happens. We provide an innovation toolkit and collaboration tools that help teams formulate ideas, run experiments to validate or invalidate them and build business cases based on evidence rather than assumption. As a Mentor, you will follow your team on their journey and provide feedback through comments.

Step 1 - Set Up Your Account

1. Click your Profile Icon in the top right corner with your initials and select Profile & Account Settings.

2. Add your profile picture by clicking on the icon with your initials.

3. Fill out your remaining profile information (optional).

4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Your photo should be at least 256px by 256px and no more than 100MB in size.

Step 2 - Explore Your Project Dashboard and Workspace

1. Find your project. Click the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner to open the left-hand menu. Projects you've been added to will have a solid square icon beside them, and other projects will have an empty square. Find your project and click into it.

2. Navigate to the Dashboard section of your project.

Here, you can view the details about your project. The Overview tab shows information about your project, and the Metrics tab displays the statistics and counts for the data added in your project, as well as investment and market size information. This is added and generated by your team members. As a Commenter, you will not be able to edit any content in your project, but you will be able to comment.

3. Click +More to view all details. Scroll to the bottom to add a comment.

4. Next, click into the Workspace section.

5. Click the dropdown menu (by default it shows Active experiments) to check out experiments, research tests, evidence, and the canvas.

6. Click the Canvas icon to open your team's Business Model Canvas.

7. Here, you can view all ideas on the Canvas. Click into any of them to add comments and discuss it with your team.

8. Type your comment in the comment section to the right, and click Enter to submit it. To @mention a specific person, type @ to display a list of team members. Click the team member you'd like to mention and they will receive a notification.

9. Click your comment to edit it, or hover over it to delete by clicking the X icon.

Step 3 - Activity Feed

1. Click Activity in the top navigation bar to view all data for your project. This is simply the overall view for this project.

2. You can filter content by card type, date, team member, and so on.

3. Click the comment box below any card to add a comment (or click into it to view all previously-added comments).

4. Type your comment and press Enter to add it.

Learn how to edit or delete a comment here!

Step 4 - Notifications

1. Click the Notifications Icon in the top right navigation bar to open the Notifications drawer.

NOTE: Be sure to update your Notification Preferences via your Profile Icon to ensure you're notified when there's an update in your project!

You're well on your way to success with GLIDR! We wish you the best of luck. Feel free to explore our Support Hub for further information, or reach out to us directly by clicking the blue chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen!

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