An idea is something that must be true for your project to work. These are generally related to either the business or the product.

Throughout your innovation project, you will be generating hypotheses in the form of ideas. These are guesses about your business model that you'll validate through real-world testing, interviews, experiments and research. Over time, you will invalidate or validate these ideas based on feedback to find a business model you can take to market that is supported by evidence.

Details Tab (details about this idea)

Star Icon: favorite this idea to find later via your Activity feed filters.

2. Publish or Edit Button: publish your idea to add it to your project, or make edits.

3. Three-dot Icon: delete your idea.

4. Comments Sidebar: discuss the idea with your team. Click the Comments Icon in the header to show or hide this sidebar.

5. Status: update the state of the idea.

6. Canvas Section: update the section of your Canvas that this idea is in.

7. Trending Score: indicates the average trend of all linked Evidence.

8. Idea: title your idea.

9. Summary: add notes or further detail about this idea.

10. Tags Icon: add tags so you can search by tag later.

11. Attachments: attach relevant files including recordings, photos or documents.

Connections Tab (view and create connections to this Idea)

12. Filter Icon: filter the type of data you're seeingĀ 

13. Connect Button: connect ideas, Evidence, Research, and Experiments.

Learn more about adding ideas here!

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