Tags are a great way to identify and correlate content in your project by theme. To add a tag to any piece of data, click into the card to open up the details view.

1. Click EDIT to make changes, and navigate to the Tags section.

2. Click + to enter a new tag. Enter the keyword and click Enter. When you're done, click DONE EDITING at the top.

3. You can now filter your data by this tag! To see all data with a particular tag, click into the ACTIVITY section at the top. Click to search for a tag in the filter to the right.

4. Enter the name of the tag until it appears in the tag results, and click it. Your Activity feed will now display all content that includes this tag (and can also be further pared down by adding additional filter criteria).

NOTE: You can also view tagged data in your Workspace via the filter icons on the tabs!

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