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Account FAQs
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How Do I Pay for GLIDR?

It's a simple online checkout process. Find out more in our Payment FAQ.

How Does a Trial Work?

We offer a two week free trial of GLIDR Team Edition. It includes all the functionality that our paid subscribers get access to. To take advantage of our free trial, just enter your email here and follow the instructions.

Do I Need a Credit Card to Try GLIDR?

No. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to get started. Once your free trial has begun, you can navigate to the billing page at any point prior to the end of the trial to input your credit card info so that you won't lose access after your free trial has ended.

How Do I Transition a Trial to a Paid Account?

Once your free trial has begun, you can navigate to the billing page at any point prior to the end of the trial and enter your payment information.

How much does GLIDR cost?

Check out our pricing page here.

Is GLIDR a Project Management Solution?

GLIDR isn't strictly a project management solution; it's primarily a fully-featured roadmapping, product discovery and validation tool. We are building integrations with some leading project management solutions.

Which Browsers Does GLIDR Support?

GLIDR is optimized for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on Mac OSX, and Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Edge on Windows. You can also access GLIDR via your mobile browser.

How Can I Submit a Feature Request?

Is there a feature not currently on GLIDR that would improve your experience? Let us know! Send us a message via the blue chat icon in the bottom-right corner, or email We'd be delighted to learn how to better suit your needs.

What Happens When I Add or Remove People from My Team?

You can disable users' accounts in Organization Management. These users will no longer be able to access your organization on GLIDR and will not receive further notifications about their projects. All work they've contributed will remain in GLIDR, and you can always reenable accounts later.

Can I export my Canvas?

The best way to present your Canvas is from GLIDR directly, as this way preserves the connections between Ideas and related Evidence. If you need to download your Canvas for a report or similar, the best way is to take a screenshot of your Canvas. 

Do you offer demos?

We do! Click on the blue chat icon in the bottom-right corner to chat to our Support Team, who'd be happy to arrange a quick 30 minute 1:1 training and walkthrough call at a time of your choosing.

How do I run multiple Projects?

Additional Projects are available in our Team, Business and Enterprise tiers. Find out how to add more Projects here.

Help, I've found a bug!

While we have a hard-working and experienced Engineering Team, occasionally bugs make their way into the product. If you notice anything that doesn't look right, let us know. You can also click on the blue chat icon in the bottom-right of your screen.

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