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Intercom Evidence Overview
Intercom Evidence Overview

Connecting user feedback to your product roadmap decisions

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With the GLIDR Intercom Integration you can ensure customer feedback is heard throughout product teams and considered with everything else you know. 

First, you'll need to configure the integration.

As with all Evidence and Ideas, Intercom Conversations can be tagged with any relevant hashtags, and can also be commented on by you and your teammates.

1. Favorite this Evidence to find later

2. Details/Connections: switch between the Details and Connections views

3. Mark Reviewed: use this to inform other Team Members that this piece of Evidence has been reviewed

4. Ideas, Discovery and Comments Icons: indicates the number of Ideas and Discovery tasks linked to this Evidence as well as the number of comments

5. Edit Button: edit your Evidence, such as the title or tags

6. Three-dot Icon: delete your Evidence

7. Help: open the Help Sidebar

8. Comments: open the Comments Sidebar

9. Title: edit the title of the Evidence; the default is Intercom Conversation with [Customer Name]

10. Intercom link: click here to be taken straight to the conversation in Intercom

11. Intercom conversation: here you'll see the content of the messages sent between you and the customer from Intercom

12. Comment box: type here to leave comments on the Evidence and @mention your teammates

13. Ideas and Research & Experiments Tab: switch between connecting Ideas and your Discovery tasks to this Evidence

14. Connect Button: connect Ideas to this Evidence

15. Ideas: this is where the connected Ideas will appear

16. Product or Business, Roadmap Section, Status: these indicate whether the connected Idea sits in the Product or Business Canvas, which section of the Roadmap it's assigned to and the current Status

17. Trending Score: allows you to rate whether the Interview supports or doesn't support the connected Ideas

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