Viewers are a way to bring members of your team, such as engineers or C-level executives, into your Project. You can even invite external stakeholders, such as consultants or customers. 

GLIDR Team organizations can invite up to 1,000 Viewers for free, and GLIDR Enterprise organizations can include an unlimited number of Viewers.

Inviting Viewers to your Organization

To invite new Viewers to your Organization, go to Team Management in your Account Menu to invite new team members.

Selecting Viewer Access will allow you to add users as Viewers to your Organization.

Managing Viewer Permissions

You can easily promote users from Viewer to Contributor in the Team Management menu.

This is also where you can disable Viewers, for example when their involvement in the Project has ended.

Adding Viewers to Projects

Once you've added some Viewers to your Organization, you will need to choose which Project(s) to add them to.

Once you've added your user to a Project, you can choose whether they will be a Commenter or Observer. Both roles are able to view your Project, but can't make any changes. Commenters can comment on Ideas, Evidence and Discovery tasks, whereas Observers cannot.

Learn more about Organization Permissions here.

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