Limited Contributors are a way to bring the rest of your team into GLIDR, especially those who are customer-facing or regularly contribute data to your discovery process.

For example, Researchers who carry out customer discovery interviews are a great source of feedback on your product, as are sales calls and customer demos. By inviting those team members that participate in these tasks, they can add this data directly into GLIDR, giving you a real-time signal about your Ideas. 

What can Limited Contributors do?

The main role of Limited Contributors is to contribute Evidence, which will ultimately then be connected to your Ideas to give you even more signal about what to prioritize next. Limited Contributors can create, edit and rate Evidence from within GLIDR, and can also add Evidence using the Chrome Extension.

Additionally, adding a team member as a Limited Contributor is a great way to provide them with insight into your roadmap. For example, when a customer requests a feature, your Customer Success Team can check the roadmap instantly, and find out the progress and status of a feature. They can also view and comment on Ideas and Evidence that have been added by other contributors.

What can't Limited Contributors do?

Limited Contributors aren't able to make changes to your roadmap, such as adding or deleting Ideas, or moving Ideas between roadmap sections. This ensures that you retain control of your roadmap.

If you'd like your Limited Contributors to have more input, you can upgrade them to a Member or Admin from your Team Management page.

Invite Limited Contributors to your Organization

The number of Limited Contributors you can add to your Organization depends on the tier you're on. You can find out how many Limited Contributors you can add here.

Adding a Limited Contributor is the same as adding other team members to your organization. First, click on the button in the top-left corner of your screen, click on your organization name and click Team Management.

Here, you can add additional team members, including Limited Contributors.

To find out more about adding team members, click here.

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