Our new Zapier Integration improves this capability by increasing the different ways of collecting evidence in order to validate and invalidate ideas. Zapier allows connections between applications with the use of zaps to automate workflows.

First, decide when to automate. Is there an action you are constantly repeating when adding data into GLIDR or navigating data from GLIDR to another application for product development? If so, then creating a zap may save you and your team a lot of effort!

Here are a few zaps we found to be helpful for our own process of collecting Evidence in GLIDR:

Using Dropbox to create an Evidence card.

Using Google Drive to create an Evidence card.

Using Google Forms to create an Evidence card.

Have an idea for a zap or integration? Check out our Public Portal where you can private feedback on our integration development and suggest potentially helpful integrations.

Visit our Help Center to learn about about the integrations GLIDR currently provides.

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